A Level Further Mathematics

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100% Examination taken at the end of the second year

Entry Requirements

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About the Course

If you love number and abstract ideas, then this could be the course for you.
Further Mathematics is a very demanding and challenging course which will develop your Maths at a very fast pace.
This is a suitable course if you are considering a university course in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering.

Course Structure:

This is a double A-level combining A-level Maths with a second qualification in A-level Further Maths. The content for the qualifications are:

A-Level Mathematics is the study of 3 areas of mathematics:

Builds upon the techniques in Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry developed at GCSE as well as introducing new topics such as calculus, sequences and series, discriminants and logarithms.

Includes topics such as vectors, kinematics, forces, newton laws and moments.

Includes topics such as sampling, data presentation and interpretation, probability, statistical distributions and hypothesis testing.

A-level Further Mathematics studies a combination of all areas of mathematics:

This builds upon the A-level core as well as introducing new topics such as mathematical proof, complex numbers, matrices, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations.

Includes topics such as momentum and collisions, Energy, circular motion, centres of mass and moments.

Includes topics such as random variables, expectation, statistical distributions and errors.

Includes topics such as linear programming, networks, group theory and game theory.