A Level Religious Studies (Philosophy)

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About the Course

What is the meaning of life? Is there a higher power other than exam boards? Is there life after death? All questions you will tackle in this ancient subject. If you want to be an independent minded, verbally confident and thoughtful student then you will learn that philosophy is the course for you.

Course Structure:

Contemporary Society
In this unit we will consider two important philosophical questions that affect modern society.  Firstly, ‘Why do so many people suffer from mental illness (depression etc.) – is it the result of out-dated beliefs in God? And if we reject all religion will this lead to happiness.’ Secondly we shall look at why more and more people (including many celebrities like Tom Cruise / Scientology) are turning to new religious movements (cults) in their search for happiness.

We answer one of the ultimate questions that has been puzzling philosophers for centuries:  ‘Is there a God?’ Basically is there an all-powerful, all-controlling being, out there somewhere, whom created the universe and humankind, who even today continues to influence human affairs.  Or are we alone in a universe that was just an accidental result of a ‘Big Bang’ and ‘evolution’?