A Level Religious Studies

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About the Course

What are the broader and deeper issues surrounding religion? If you have answers to this question and like to formulate your own ideas then this is the course for you. Increasing in popularity amongst students Religious Studies is a brilliant foundation for structuring arguments and independent thinking.

Course Structure:

Religious Ethics
One student was recently asked (shouted at) by his mum ‘Can’t you be good!!!’ But what is a ‘good’ person? This unit will look at ‘What the term good actually means’ and ‘What some of the greatest minds in history (religious and non-religious) have said about how to be good.’

Religious Philosophy
In this unit we will answer one of the ultimate question of life; ‘Is there a God?’ Basically is there an all-powerful being, out there somewhere, whom created the universe and humankind, who even today continues to influence human affairs.  Or are we alone in a universe that was just an accidental result of a ‘Big Bang’ and ‘evolution’?