Students will develop an understanding of a broad range of issues relevant to the sector, including:

  • business context – an overview of organisational cultures and values, different types of internal and external stakeholder, different forms of governance and the impact of organisations on society and the environment
  • project and change management – an understanding of the common change management theories and models and how to support and improve projects
  • business behaviours – the importance of good communication and adapting social communication styles to professional standards and according to purpose, medium and audience
  • quality and compliance – the importance of maintaining and improving quality in all aspects of public and private sector organisations

Entry requirements

This course is a T Level. To find out more about the T Level programmes at Ashton, click here.

Students who study a T Level in Management and Administration, gain excellent experiences on placement, supported by in classroom learning. 

This course would suit students wanting a career in management and administration. Roles could include working as a business improvement coordinator, team leader or project support, to name a few.

Students can also progress on to a related higher-level apprenticeship or degree course.

Course Key Details

Course Type : T Level
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