Application guideline

Click here to download our 2017-18 International Application Form

To process international applications, we require applicants to provide their personal statement; copies of their passport or other valid ID; copies of their school certificate or final transcripts; and copies of their proof of English ability (i.e. IELTS or TOFEL, etc.) with their completed application form.

We try our best to respond to international applications within five working days. Interviews may be required subject to the course entry criteria. We will inform you of interview arrangements two weeks before the interview date. To help us run the interviews smoothly, the interviewees should confirm the time slot arranged or inform us any changes five days before the interview. The interviews can be conducted in person or via telecommunication tools (i.e. Skype, telephone, etc.). Generally, a decision on the application will be made within seven working days.

For successful applicants who need to apply for a visa for their study in the UK, it is advised that the visa application is submitted 6 weeks before the course start date. For further information about visa application, please see here.

We require prospective students who have accepted our offer to provide their original documents on the enrolment day. Failure to present original documents could result in the withdrawal of the offer and visa.

The application deadline for 2017-2018 September entry is Monday 1st May 2017. Late applications may be considered.

Apply now

Application can be submitted by email to or by post:

Ashton Sixth Form College
Darnton Road

Please do not submit more than one application. If you wish to make any changes or apply for an alternative course after the submission you will be able to do this at your college interview.

List of local representatives (approved agents)

Ashton Sixth Form College has appointed several agents to be our representatives in different countries and territories.Please call us on 0161 6668215 for an up to dat elist of our agents.