Each summer term the college invites Year 10 pupils to an Open Evening so that they can begin planning their next steps on leaving school. In the autumn term we invite Year 11 pupils to further Open Evenings to help them to refine their plans. Staff are available to help young people, their parents and carers to fill in the college application form. In the spring term we invite parents of prospective students to an information evening where parents and carers can learn more about studying at Ashton Sixth Form College including the support systems which are in place.

In addition to these events, at the end of the GCSEs we invite all prospective students to a taster day so that they can gain an understanding of what it is like to be a student at Ashton Sixth Form College. The Inclusive Learning team works closely with teachers to make sure that students with learning difficulties or disabilities get the support they need at these events.

In May the Inclusive Learning department hold an Open Evening to which we invite all pupils who have told us they have a support need, along with their parents/carers. At this event, pupils can learn about the support which is available, meet the Inclusive Learning team and speak to students who already have support.

Once they have started at college, all students have a senior tutor who is the first person that parents/carers can contact if they have any worries. Parents/carers can contact the young person’s senior tutor at any time to discuss progress or any concerns. In addition senior tutors call parents/carers on an ongoing basis if they need to discuss a student’s progress. At the start of each college year, we hold a welcome evening for parents of new students where there is the opportunity to meet the student’s senior tutor.

Twice each year parents/carers receive a report on their child’s progress. Parents/carers can also access information on the student’s attendance and progress on the Parent Portal which is available on the college website. Furthermore, on the college website we have a “Contact the Tutor” link where we encourage parents/carers to get in touch if they have any questions or concerns about their child’s progress.

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  1. Overview
  2. Supporting your Learning
  3. Reviewing your Support
  4. Keeping you Safe
  5. Meeting your Health Needs
  6. Keeping in Touch
  7. Working Together
  8. Moving on from School to College to Adulthood
  9. Enriching your Life
  10. Some Case Studies