Where a student has a significant support need, such as a severe mobility problem, visual impairment or other condition which means they cannot move around college independently, a member of staff will meet them at reception at the start of the day and assist them in making their way to all their classes. At Ashton Sixth Form College we encourage students to be independent where possible, and to interact with their classmates and peers. However, if it is needed, staff will be available to support the learner in their class. At the end of the day we will bring them back to reception so they can be collected and taken home. There are reserved parking spaces close to reception and ramp access onto the college site. 

The Inclusive Learning department has a small suite of quiet, welcoming rooms which we encourage vulnerable learners to use at breaks or lunchtime. Learners may use these rooms to eat their lunch, access the internet or interact with their classmates or peers.

The college Health, Safety and Welfare Manager has an overarching responsibility for health and safety within college. However, every member of staff has a responsibility to maintain the wellbeing of students.  Ashton Sixth Form College has a robust health and safety policy to ensure that all students are kept safe while on college premises and when taking part in official activities outside college.  Each activity and every area of college is risk assessed by trained, competent, qualified personnel. All sports and PE instructors complete risk assessments for sporting activities. They are sports first aid trained, and the college has a team of qualified first aiders on site.  Staff organising any trips or visits complete a robust risk assessment and where there are any specific support needs they liaise with the Inclusive Learning department and Health, Safety and Welfare Manager to ensure those support needs are met.

The college has a comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Policy to make sure that students who have restricted mobility can evacuate the college in case of emergency. As soon as the college becomes aware that a student has a mobility issue, a member of the Inclusive Learning team, and the Health, Safety and Welfare Manager meet with the student, their parents/carers and any other relevant personnel to find out the nature of their mobility needs and to draw up a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP). The Inclusive Learning Manager and the Health, Safety and Welfare Manager keep a copy of each plan and are responsible for informing, through ProMonitor (the college’s record keeping system), the student’s teachers, senior tutor and other relevant staff of the procedure to follow in an emergency.

Ashton Sixth Form College is committed to being an environment which is free from abuse, bullying and harassment and we do everything possible to make sure that staff and students respect and are tolerant of each other and that there is a strong sense of co-operation. Our aim is to make sure that students will feel comfortable and confident in reporting abuse, bullying and harassment of any kind.
Examples of behaviour which we will not tolerate include:

  • Sarcasm and ‘put downs’
  • Offensive or demeaning use of language or gestures
  • Any physical or verbal assault

The college knows that cyber based bullying and abuse has become more common in modern society. The college will take any instances of such bullying/abuse very seriously and will take appropriate action in line with the College’s Student Conduct Policy, or the Disciplinary Procedure where we suspect staff are involved.

We communicate the college’s zero-tolerance stance on bullying and harassment to students in their induction and through tutorials on an ongoing basis.

We deal with bullying and harassment which relates to a disability, or which is of a sexist, racist, homophobic, ageist or religious nature as an Equality and Diversity matter.

Further information on bullying can be found in the college Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and there is further information in our Equality and Diversity Policy.

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