As soon as the college becomes aware that a student has a medical issue, a member of the Inclusive Learning team, and the Health, Safety and Welfare Manager meet with the student, their parents/carers and any other relevant personnel to find out the nature of their condition and to draw up a Care Plan. The Inclusive Learning Manager and the Health, Safety and Welfare Manager keep a copy of each plan. They are responsible for informing staff through ProMonitor of any medical issues. They provide training for the student’s teachers and other relevant staff of what to do should there be a medical emergency.  We carry out training in liaison with the student, their parents/carers, and any other relevant expert personnel. First aid trained staff will only issue medication if it is specifically identified in the individual care plan.

The college has a team of trained first aiders who will provide immediate response to any medical incident. If necessary, they will follow the guidance included in the student’s care plan. Where appropriate they will provide treatment and if necessary will ensure the emergency services are called promptly.

Full information on how the college meets students’ health and safety needs is contained in the Health and Safety Policy and the college First Aid Policy

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