If a young person has an Education, Health and Care plan, the Inclusive Learning team will make sure that appropriate support is put in place so that the student is given every opportunity to reach their full potential.

We will review this support informally on an ongoing basis, and a formal review will take place at least once a year.  This review will include a discussion between the key worker in college, the student, their parents or carers, a representative from Tameside SEN team and, where appropriate, their senior tutor, teachers, and any relevant outside agencies including Social Services, healthcare providers, mental health teams, careers organisations and Sensory Support Services.

In addition we will provide appropriate support for students who have a need but who do not have an Education, Health and Care plan. We will discuss with the young person, and if appropriate their parents or carers, how we will support them and we will agree an action plan. Support may only be needed for a few weeks, or it may last all the time the young person is at college. We will review this support at regular intervals as fitting and always at the end of the support. This review will normally include a discussion between the young person and the member of staff who provides support, but where appropriate we will include parents or carers and any relevant outside agencies.

All students at Ashton Sixth Form College have two progress reviews each year with all of their teachers to make sure they are given every opportunity to keep on track and fulfil their potential.

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