We encourage parents/carers to give feedback to the college as it helps us to constantly improve the service that we provide for young people. Each year we issue an online survey, which parents/carers can access on the college website. We also issue exit surveys at all of our events throughout the year which give parents/carers the opportunity to express their views. Furthermore we encourage feedback through the Contact a Tutor link and through telephone calls or e-mails if parents/carers prefer.

Parents/carers who want to become more involved in the work of the college may apply to join the board of Governors. We have two Parent Governors and when a vacancy becomes available, usually when a Parent Governor’s son/daughter leaves college, the Clerk to the Corporation writes to all parents/carers to invite applications. The appointment follows a process of interviews with Clerk to the Corporation, the Principal and the Chair of Corporation.

We are also keen to learn students’ views on college, the support services and their course.  Each year learners complete an online student survey in which they can give us their feedback. In addition, students are invited to focus groups where they can express their opinions on all aspects of the college. As well as this, the Inclusive Learning department issues an evaluation questionnaire, encouraging learners who have had support to inform us of our strengths and areas we may need to improve.

The college has a Student Council which is elected each year. Their role is to represent the student voice throughout college and to make sure that students’ view are heard and acted upon.

Throughout the college application process, young people and their parents/carers can access comprehensive information, advice and guidance. In the summer term we hold an event called “Imagine Your Future” which is aimed at Year 8, 9 and 10 pupils and where we have staff from the college and a wide range of employment and education sectors. The purpose of this event is to provide young people with information, advice and guidance on the opportunities available once they have left school, and the best way of making the most of those opportunities.

At our Year 10 Open Evenings in the summer term we encourage parents/carers and young people to register an interest in Ashton Sixth Form College. At our Year 11 Evenings we have staff available to help parents/carers and young people to complete the college application form.

Once a young person has applied to come to Ashton Sixth Form College, we invite them to a guidance interview where we discuss their chosen career plans and ensure that their choice of course is appropriate for their ambitions and abilities. If a student has told us they have a support need, a member of the Inclusive Learning team will be present at their interview to help answer any questions and to ensure that we give any support that is needed. We encourage young people and their parents and carers to make use of the Admissions Helpline at any time once they have applied.

When the young person has received their GCSE results, further advice and guidance is available to ensure that they enrol on a course which will help them to achieve their aspirations.

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