2017-18 Exam Results

Exam Series Date/Time of Results Results Sent
November 2017 GCSE Re-sit Thursday 11 January 2018 College E-mail account
January 2018 BTEC Thursday 14 March 2018 College E-mail account
January 2018 GCSE / A-level Mocks Thursday 1 March 2018 College E-mail account
March 2018 A-level Mocks In class In class
A1 Progression Exams Thursday 7 June 2018 College E-mail account
Summer 2018 /Level 3 BTEC/AGCE Examinations Thursday 16 August 2018 College E-mail account
Summer 2018 GCSE / Level 2 BTEC Examinations Thursday 23 August 2018 College E-mail account

Please remember:

  • Results will not be given out over the telephone. ​
  • No other person can collect results on behalf of a student.​


External AS/A-level Grade Boundaries

Linear subjects will only show a GRADE on your result slip. Modular (Legacy) AS and A-levels will show a UMS score and a grade. Grades in UPPERCASE are your overall qualification grades, those in lowercase are grades for each individual examination.  

If you wish to know where your result fell within the grade boundary - Legacy qualifications click here. For Linear AS / A levels, please make an appointment to discuss your results with the examinations manager. Appointments are available by contacting the main college reception. You may find this document useful if you are unsure whether your subject is a Legacy or Linear qualification.


November 2017 GCSE Post-Result Services

A number of services are available to candidates once you have received your examination results.  These services are:

  • Clerical Check 

  • Exam Script - Priority copy or original exam paper

If you wish to request one of these services, please complete the relevant form by clicking here

This application must be returned to the EXAMS DEPARTMENT, along with paymentbefore the relevant deadline.  


2018.19 Results information can be found here.