Welcome to Ashton Sixth Form College. The Examinations Department is here to assist you with any exams related queries you may have. You can contact the team on exams@asfc.ac.uk with any questions or queries.

The Team 

Exams Manager

Sarah Robinson

Exams Administrators

Karen Ainger

Marie Chesney

Lynn Rose


Over 40 invigilators are here to govern the examinations within college and assist those students who require additional support.


Examination Sessions

Exam Sessions or 'windows' take place every year in:

October/November (GCSE/University Entrance Exams)

December A2 A level and A1 Criminology mock examinations

January (BTEC Exams, CACHE Childcare & H&S Care exams, A2 Criminology 8 hour NEA)

March (Mock examinations - GCSE, Core Maths, Criminology A2 second year A level students)

April (A1 Progression exams)

May & June (A Level/GCSE/BTEC Exams)

June/July A1 Criminology 8 hour NEA


Exam Timetables

Generic Timetables are produced in provisional (12 months before) and a final format (2 months before). They detail the date and time of exams. They can be viewed on the college website, exams noticeboard outside the Exams Office (room MB1.9 - near the Coffee Shop) or on the 'Exams section' of Canvas.

Individual Timetables are produced once all exam entries have been made. This timetable is specific to you and the subjects you are studying. Timetables are e-mailed to students approximately 6 weeks before your examinations.

This timetable confirms the date and time of YOUR exams and the length of each exam you are entered for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exam Sessions or 'windows' take place every year throughout the year.  You can view timetables for all examinations taking place in college on the Regulatory Information and Timetables page.

Generic Timetables are produced in provisional (12 months before) and a final format (2 months before). They confirm the scheduled date and time of exams. They can be viewed on 'Timetables and Other Information'. Alternatively, timetables are also available on the exam noticeboard outside the Exams Office (room MB1.9 - near the Coffee Shop).

You will receive two pieces of information - a Statement on Entry (summer examinations only), and an Individual Exam Timetable.

Statement of Entry (summer exams only) - sent to all students once exam entries have been sent to the exam board(s). This statement confirms the examinations you have been entered for, the date and start time of these examinations. It is important that you check your statement to ensure your personal details and exam entries are correct. This information is what the exam boards use to print your certificates - if it is incorrect you will need to pay to replace certificates.

Individual Exam Timetable - This will confirm all of your examinations, along with the exam room and seat number for your examination. This will be emailed to student approximately 2-6 weeks before the start of examinations. Some examinations may be scheduled on the same day at the same time, this 'exam' clash will be resolved on you Individual Exam Timetable, where the timing (or day!) of this exam will have been altered.

Please remember these documents are individual to each student, your examinations may not be at the same time as others taking the same subject.

Unfortunately because of how vast the AS/AGCE timetable is and the number of subjects available for students to take, it is likely some of your subjects may clash. The exams department will resolve any 'clashes', whilst abiding by the rules and regulations set out by the exam board. We stress again, your timetable is individual to YOU! Please check this thoroughly report any problems to the exams office as a matter of urgency.

Information is provided in a number of ways: Your individual timetable Seat plans are placed outside the exams office and your exam timetable is available via email and cedar.

Stationery for all examinations! The college do not supply equipment (pens, pencils etc.) for your examinations. You must bring all equipment to each and every examination, including mock exams. More information will be given to you during tutorials throughout the year. Most importantly, bring yourself to college in plenty of time.

Dates of all results days are available on the 'Results Information' page. All results for main exams windows will be emailed to your college email account on the day of publication.

Re-sit opportunities are available during the main exam windows for students. You will be informed via email and subject classes what to do and when. All students are charged the relevant re-sit fee.  This fee will need to be paid prior to the deadline before an exam entry can be made. Fees are non-refundable.

Certificates can be collected from the main college reception each January.