Term Dates


New Students' Enrolment & Welcome

Student Enrolment

24-Aug-17 and 25-Aug-17

College Welcome/Induction



Academic Year 2017-18

A1 Teaching starts 06-Sep-17

A2 Teaching Starts 07-Sep-17

A2 Teaching ends 25-May-18

A2 & L2 Vocational ends 22-Jun-18

A1 Teaching ends 04-Jul-18

Teaching 2018-19 starts 5-Sept-2018 (provisional)


Parents' Consultation and Information

Information Eve for new parents 25-Sep-17

Consultation Evening (A2) 28-Nov-17

Consultation Evening (A1/L2) 05-Dec-17 and 11-Dec-17

A1+IN Tutor Intervention Evening 13-Feb-18

A2 Invitation only Parents' Eve. 13-Mar-18

Consultation Evening (A1/L2) 17-Apr-18 and 23-Apr-18


College Events

Student Enrichment Day #1 28-Sep-17

College Production 18-Oct-17 And 19-Oct-17

Student Awards/Reunion Eve 19-Dec-17

Music Showcase 31-Jan-18

Dance Show 27-Feb-18 and 28-Feb-18

The Georges Awards 28-Jun-18

Student Enrichment Day #2 04-Jul-18


Main Examinations Windows

A2 Mocks #1 Exams 22-Jan-18 to 26-Jan-18

A2 Mocks #2 Exams 19-Mar-18 to 29-Mar-18

A1 Mocks Exams 04-May-18 to 11-May-18

Summer Exams 14-May-18 to 29-Jun-18


Examination Results

A2 Mocks #1 Results 12-Feb-18

A2 Mocks #2 Results 26-Apr-18

A1 Mocks Results 07-Jun-18

Summer GCE Results 16-Aug-18

Summer GCSE Results 23-Aug-18


Bank and Public Holidays


Summer Holiday 28-Aug-17

Christmas Day 25-Dec-17

Boxing Day 26-Dec-17


New Year's Day 01-Jan-18

Good Friday 30-Mar-18

Easter Monday 02-Apr-18

May Day Holiday 07-May-18

Spring Bank Holiday 28-May-18

Summer Holiday 27-Aug-18