Late applications

Applications received after our published deadline of Friday 16th December 2022 are considered late.
Late applicants must send a supporting statement explaining the reasons for making a late application. Any exceptional circumstances should also be stated in your supporting statement. This should be emailed to the Admissions department

The college will review each supporting statement on a case by case basis taking into consideration any exceptional or mitigating circumstances. We will only contact you if we are able to offer you an interview after reviewing your statement.  

You are strongly advised to apply elsewhere and should you require any further advice, Positive Steps, the careers service, will be able to support you. 

Make a late application here.


What email address should I use to apply?

Please ensure you apply to join Ashton using an email address you check regularly. We will communicate important information such as interview appointments, key dates and deadlines to you via email. This needs to be an email you can access after you finish school as we will communicate important details with you throughout the summer regarding enrolment. Sometimes our emails can end up in junkmail boxes so please check this regularly.

When should I apply?

As we are an oversubscribed college we recommend you apply as soon as possible to secure your place. The deadline for applications is Friday 16th December 2022.

What if I apply after the deadline?

Applications submitted after the deadline are not guaranteed an interview at the college and therefore we advise you to have a firm alternative place to study for September.

What are the entry requirements?

There are four types of study programmes you can apply to study at Ashton Sixth Form College – the A-Level Programme, Mixed Study Programme (mix of A-Levels and Vocational A-Levels), a Full time Vocational Programme or a T Level programme. For each study programme there are different admissions requirements. Many courses also have further, more specific entry requirements. Please ensure that you meet the entry requirements for your chosen programme of study before applying. 

View our full entry requirements here

What if I am undecided?

Please don't worry if you are still a little unsure about your course choice. The courses you put on your application are just a starting point and we are aware you may want to make some changes over the coming months. Please complete the online form as carefully as you can. When we receive your application we will acknowledge it to the email address that you have provided. You will have opportunities to change your courses, if you wish, at interview or by speaking to the Admissions Team.

What do I do if I put the wrong target grades in?

Don't worry. You will be able to update your predicted grades with us with any mock exam results or updated predicted grades at your college interview.

What happens after I apply?

Following your successful application, a member of the Admissions Team will be in contact to invite you to your interview. Our interviews take place between December - January. Please check your emails regularly to ensure your do not miss your interview. More information will be communicated with you after your successful interview.

What do I do if I want to change a course?

This happens and students do change their mind. Please do not submit another application. In order to request a course change, please contact and include the course change you want to make and the reasons for the course change.

How do I apply for a course if I am an adult learner (over 19 years old)?

Applications for our higher and adult education courses are separate to our A Levels and vocational courses for school leavers. Applications are accepted at various times throughout the year, depending on the course. Please visit our individual course pages to find out how to apply.

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