17 October 2016

Olympic Parade 2016: Our Public Services Students Volunteer

13 October 2016

Public Services Students Visit the Imperial War Museum North

12 October 2016

UCAS Teacher Training - Application opens 18th October 2016 for our Primary and Secondary Teacher Training

6 October 2016

#AshtonTalks LIVE: Matthew Pettyt - First Launch

6 October 2016

Beijing Students Visit Ashton Sixth Form

28 September 2016

A Street Car Named Desire - A2's visit the Royal Exchange

18 August 2016

A-Level Results Day Student Success

18 August 2016

Sights set on Cambridge

22 April 2016

Principal, Dr Janet Nevin, to retire after almost a decade in role

21 April 2016

The HE team held a successful conference on Saturday 23rd April.

20 April 2016

Charlotte takes us all to China with her footage from this year's Beijing trip

15 April 2016

Prof. Michael Wood, historian and BBC filmmaker explained how passions can carry our students a long way in life