Ashton Sixth Form College Local Governing Body

The general role of the Local Governing Body is to provide the local context, challenge and support to the Principal, ensuring the very best local provision is given in the College.  Where more than one LGB is in place, the Chair of each will form a Chairs' Group which will ensure the LGB's have a role in influencing and communicating with the Trustees on the strategic vision of the Trust going forward.

Committee members

The following members serve on the ASFC Local Governing Body:

  • Lawrence Ado-Kofie (Parent Governor)
  • Rick Allanson (Staff Governor)
  • Colin Challenger (Trustee - Chair)
  • John Clark (Academy Governor)
  • Chris Lyness (Academy Governor)
  • Mitesh Mistry (Academy Governor)
  • Jane O'Connell (Academy Governor)
  • Doug Pepper (Academy Governor)
  • Kamlesh Rajput (Academy Governor)
  • Janet Valentine (Staff Governor)
  • Student Council President (16-18 Student Governor)

Attendance 2022/23

  Possible Actual %
Lawrence Ado-Kofie 5 4 80
Rick Allanson 5 5 100
Colin Challenger 5 5 100
John Clark 5 5 100
Chris Lyness 5 5 100
Jane O'Connell 5 4 80
Doug Pepper 5 3 60
Kamlesh Rajput 5 2 40
Amanda Read 5 4 80
Janet Valentine 5 4 80


Governors terms of office

Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Date they stepped down (if applicable) Appointed by Date first appointed
Colin Challenger 01/02/2023 4 years   Trust Board 01/02/2019
Louise Hall 01/02/2019 4 years 31/01/2023 Trust Board  
Kamlesh Rajput 01/02/2023 4 years   Trust Board 01/02/2019
Richard Allanson 01/02/2023 4 years   ASFC Teaching Staff 01/02/2019
Chris Lyness 01/02/2023 4 years   Trust Board 01/02/2019
Amanda Read 23/10/2019 4 years 05/07/2023 Trust Board  
Jane O'Connell 31/03/2021 4 years   Trust Board  
Doug Pepper 01/10/2021 4 years   Elected (Parents)  
Lawrence Ado-Kofie 01/10/2021 4 years   Elected (Parents)  
Janet Valentine 11/01/2021 4 years   ASFC Support Staff  
John Clark 25/05/2022 4 years   Trust Board  
Mitesh Mistry 05/07/2023 4 years   Trust Board  


Register of Interests

Each governor must declare any interests that may conflict with their role with the Trust – these are recorded in the Register of Interests, which is available to view on the Trust website at:



For more information about governance at Ashton Sixth Form College and Stamford Park Trust, including how to get involved, please contact Carolyn Haigh, Head of Governance at

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