Exams Handbook 2022/23

The updated handbook will be available here shortly.


Examination Timetables

Individual timetables will be emailed to students at key points in the year.  Generic timetables or information can be found below as soon as it is available:

November GCSE and University Admissions Tests

The timetable for November is available HERE

December Mock Exams

The timetable for December is available HERE

Criminology Controlled Assessments

Sessions for A2 students will take place on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th December 2022

Sessions for A1 students will take place on Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th , Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th July 2023

Students MUST be available on these dates as the opportunity for catch-up sessions is limited.

January / February BTEC and CACHE exams / set tasks / external assessments

The timetable for January / February is available HERE

March Mock Exams (A2 students)

The timetable for March is available HERE

April Progression Exams (A1 students)

The timetable for April is available HERE

Summer - All External Exams 

The INTERIM summer timetable is available HERE.  There are a small number of dates to be finalised - please check back in early February for the final version.


Study Leave

Generalised study leave is not granted during exam periods and students are expected in college for other lessons where they do not have examinations or assessments.

The exception is that you do not have to attend any timetabled lessons the morning before you have a PM exam.