The student experience extends far beyond the classroom. You could learn a new skill, try something different and simply have fun, alongside like-minded people. There is something for everyone, from learning Japanese to British Sign Language, Brain Day to Theatre visits, Zumba to Football, Duke of Edinburgh to OxNet.

While developing academically at the college, enrichment is a great way to develop personally, enhance your applications to university, apprenticeships or employment, and even gain an additional qualification.


Join a society and meet new people who have a shared interest. 

In the past these have included College Band, Debate Club, ASFC Green, UKeJam, Book Club, D&D, Music Appreciation, Charities Society and E-Sports League.


While meeting new people, you could also develop a specific skill on a recognised course such as First Aid, British Sign Language, Life Drawing, Beginners Photoshop, Young Enterprise, Beginners German, Technical Theatre Skills and Mindfulness Masterclass.


Academic enrichment can also relate directly to the subjects you study. Many courses take your studies further through trips to incredible destinations such as New York, Barcelona, Rome or Iceland. Some courses take you on key visits to theatres, universities, court rooms, museums, geographical sites, or field trips. You may also welcome guest speakers from universities and employers including Brain Day, political leader talks and theatre performances.

Health and Fitness

Whether you want to join for fun or to stay healthy, our fitness activities range from Zumba to Football, Circuit Training to Netball. You can either play competitively and represent the college in regional tournaments, or just join in for fun. Sign up and sports trials takes place twice in the academic year.

Duke of Edinburgh

Here at Ashton Sixth Form College you will be able to work towards your Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. The experience you will gain, through the five main elements: volunteering, physical, skill, residential and expedition, is tremendous.

Nationally the vast majority of Gold expeditions are completed on foot, however here at Ashton Sixth Form we are proud to also offer you the opportunity to complete your expedition by canoe, something our students have loved in recent years. Find out more here

OxNet and Pembroke North

Links with Pembroke College at Oxford University give you access to incredible and rare opportunities such as the Pembroke North Residential and the Theology and Religious Studies Centre.

2022-23 Enrichment opportunities




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