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This qualification is made up of three components.

Fiction and Imaginative Writing  - 40% of the total GCSE

Overview of content:

  • Study selections from a range of prose fiction.
  • Develop skills to analyse and evaluate 19th - century fiction extracts.
  • Develop imaginative writing skills to engage the reader.
  • Use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.

Non-fiction and Transactional Writing  - 60% of the total GCSE

Overview of content:

  • Study a range of 20th - and 21st - century non-fiction texts (including literary non-fiction).
  • Develop skills to analyse, evaluate and compare non-fiction extracts.
  • Develop transactional writing skills for a variety of forms, purposes and audiences.
  • Use spelling, punctuation and grammar accurately.

Spoken Language Component, Developing Spoken Language Skills - 0% of the total GCSE

Overview of content:

  • You will undertake a prepared spoken presentation on a specific topic in a formal setting, listen and respond to questions and feedback, and use spoken English effectively.
  • There are no marks for the Spoken Language endorsement. You will be awarded a grade (Pass, Merit or Distinction).

Who is the course for?

For those wishing to study for a GCSE English qualification to enhance their CV and develop their literacy skills for personal and professional use. This course is suitable for adults who have been out of education, and for students who have recently left school.

Why study GCSE English?

 GCSE English is a requirement for many FE and HE courses.

Course Length

1 academic year - September to June

Entry requirements 

You will need to complete a short piece of diagnostic writing.


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How to apply

Please call 0161 666 8215, email or click here to view our enrolment dates.