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Geology is the science of the earth - the physics of plate tectonics, the chemistry of precious metals and the biology of ancient creatures such as dinosaurs. Anyone can be inspired to study geology if they appreciate the natural world.

Geology involves the study of the processes that have formed Planet Earth over millions of years. It is important to know how our planet works in order to manage its resources effectively and to cope with the hazards and changes that are happening to the Earth around us. There has never been a more interesting time to be involved in the science that studies the Earth.

Entry requirements

Being such a vast subject, geology considers everything from the earth’s inner core to the stony iron meteorites in space, and how these share the same origin. Building on your knowledge of geography, you will learn more about how huge mountain ranges like the Himalayas were created and how tectonic plates are recycled and sometimes dumped onto land surface such as in Cyprus’ famous ophiolite.


You will be fascinated by the chemistry of Hawaiian lava and its ropey appearance. You will study the rocks of South Africa or Brazil, looking at which minerals to mine, in what quantity and for how long. A mining geologist needs to be equipped to identify mineral and ore deposits in the field and so you will gain digital experience in programs such as GIS for mapping and excel for calculating isotope ratios.

There is a wealth of work to be done in the field of Earth Science and today, climate scientists couldn’t be more in demand. There are a wide range of careers that geology students can progress on to including those involving: Developing a sustainable future for ourselves and the Earth , exploring for and extracting useful materials from the Earth, protecting the environment from the effects of human activity, monitoring and reducing the impacts of geological hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes, research into the geological history of Earth and other planets and how we and the Earth might respond to climate change. In addition, students who have studied geology have developed many transferable skills and are actively sought out by a wide variety of employers.

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