Congratulations to future Oxbridge students

1 February 2011

Three Gifted and Talented students from College have been successful in securing offers to study at Cambridge University.

Anthony Mathews (17) formerly of Audenshaw high school has been offered a place to study Mathematics and Physics at Queens College Cambridge. Mathew feels that his required grades of A*, A, A are within his reach and he is studying hard to prepare himself for his forthcoming examinations. Mathew had been applying to local universities and was looking to study at Manchester University, Mathew applied to Cambridge as he felt they offered the most suitable course and feels the move south will be more than worthwhile.

Ryan Denny (17) formerly of Littlemoss High School has been offered a place to study Mathematics at Jesus College Cambridge. When asked why he had chosen to apply to such a prestigious institution Ryan replied that he had not considered the option until being encouraged to by Gifted and Talented co-ordinator Ron Norman.

Ron helps to support the majority of gifted and talented students at Ashton Sixth Form College, ensuring they are on track to meet targets and offering support and advice throughout their time at College. In the past Ron has helped a number of students to secure places at some of the country’s top institutions with advice on applications and interview procedures. On receiving confirmation of his offer from Cambridge Ryan immediately made a phone call in order to let Ron know he had been successful and thank him for his support and advice.

Vinci Naruka has also been offered a place to study Medicine at Cambridge, Vinci came to the UK just over 3 years ago and applied to the college to study a level 2 course (GCSE Level) with a view to completing his GCSE Maths examinations. After assessment from the college’s Additional Learning Support Team and a number of GCSE Mathematics sessions it was clear that Vinci had a talent for Maths and he was immediately transferred onto an A-Level programme. After securing an A* grade in his A-Level Maths course along with an A grade in GCSE English and As in Biology and Chemistry (AS Levels) Vinci is now preparing for his forthcoming Biology and Chemistry A-Level exams.