Vinci Naruka – Medicine at Cambridge

11 February 2011

Vinci Naruka has dreamt of studying Medicine since the age of 12. To his parents it was clear that studying medicine was a distinct possibly for their talented son.  Originally from Turin, Vinci and his parents decided to make the move to the UK due to the opportunities available for students at Degree level.

Vinci came to the UK in 2008 and quickly made the decision to come to study at Ashton Sixth Form College, originally for an ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) course, along with GCSE Science and Maths.  After just 1 month on the maths course it was clear that Vinci was a talented student and after successfully working through an AS-Level Maths examination paper he was moved up into the AS Mathematics group.

In his second year at college Vinci completed his A-Level in Maths with an A* grade and began studying AS Level in Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry. Vinci was highly successful on these courses and achieved A grades across the board with an additional A grade in GCSE English.

Vinci is part of the Ashton XL, Gifted and Talented cohort at Ashton Sixth Form College and has been encouraged to complete a number of independent study opportunities. This includes an Open University course in Medicine, Molecules and Drugs, and an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). Vinci’s EPQ focuses on Alzheimer’s and Dementia an area which Vinci says could be a focus for him in the future.

Currently in the final stages of his A-Levels, Vinci  is studying hard to achieve the required grades of A*, A, A in order to secure a place to study Medicine at one of the world’s most prestigious Universities, Cambridge.

 Vinci spoke about his interview for Medicine at The Sidney Sussex College;

“It was very challenging, difficult to know what to expect and what the panel thought of you, I had 2 30 minute interviews so it was quite intense but at the same time very interesting, I learnt something new at each interview and it certainly made me think about what the future holds if I get the required grades”.

 Asked why he had chosen Cambridge Vinci commented;

I was unsure if I would be suitable because of my academic background, I was encouraged by Ron Norman (Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator) to e-mail the admissions department and ask about my suitability. Their response was very welcoming, so I set about putting together an application that would give me a good chance of interview. I wasn’t sure if I would get an interview at first but if you don’t try you’ll never succeed – I’m really glad I did.

 Asked about Vinci’s success Ron Norman commented;

“I cannot think of anyone more deserving of success than Vinci. He has worked incredibly hard for what he has achieved so far and has impressed us all with his huge determination and good humour.

He is extremely generous with his time contributing to college life and helping others, and though he still has work to do to fulfil the demanding targets set by Cambridge, we are confident he can do so.”