Modern Languages Students Visit Contact Theatre

29 March 2012

On the 23rd March students from the AS and A2 German classes visited the Contact Theatre in Manchester to watch the Manchester University German Society’s production of “Sophie Scholl”.

Sophie Scholl tells the story of how three university students who fought to overturn a Nazi totalitarian regime through the power of words alone. Although the play ended with all three students sentenced to death, it showed us that even the smallest organisation can make a huge difference in inspiring future generations of people to stand up for what they believe in.

At times the subtitles provided during the play were useful for understanding specific knowledge but the overall play was very easy to keep up with and understand. It was very well performed and combined with the lighting and music, very atmospheric.

Admittedly I had doubts about watching a play entirely in German, but seeing it has made me realise how much of the language I can understand and has reinforced my reasons for taking a language at A Level.

Lilith Harrison-Rooke