Othello – The Remix

15 May 2012

On Saturday 5 May, 32 Drama students travelled to the Globe Theatre in London for The Globe to Globe World Shakespeare Festival.

The festival features all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays, each performed in a different language by companies from all over the world. The students had a fantastic day, experiencing a spectacular performance by the Q Brothers from the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

The Q Brothers are America’s leading re-interpreters of Shakespeare through hip hop, creating productions that unlock Shakespeare’s work for audiences from all walks of life. Following their award-winning international tours of Bombitty of Errors and Funk It Up About Nothin’, the brothers returned to London to perform Othello – The Remix for the Globe to Globe Festival.

Their vibrant and original interpretation had everyone spell bound from start to finish and hopefully it will have inspired and prepared the students for their forthcoming Drama and Theatre Studies exam.

Sheridan Lewis