Drama Students get a Feel for Life in Ancient Greece

21 March 2016

Paul O'Mahoney from the Kallos Gallery in London visited our Drama & Theatre Studies students last Friday. The Kallos Gallery is a commercial gallery that focuses entirely on Ancient Greek art. Paul's background is in Classics and theatre, so he was able to share valuable insights about Greek History and Art, working with our students on topics around their Greek Drama module. Paul was also kind enough to bring a few objects from the gallery, including the oldest minted coin, which students looked at and handled while discussing Ancient Greek History and Art.

Assistant Principal & Drama Teacher, Sheridan Lewis, said "the session was excellent and will help students with their preparation for the exam. We will definitely want to do this again next year and stay involved in the project".

The Kallos Gallery's website: http://kallosgallery.com

Our Drama and Theatre Studies course: http://www.asfc.ac.uk/courses/a-level/drama-theatre-studies


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