Community litter pick - keeping our neighbourhood tidy

19 October 2017

Ashton Sixth Form College are taking responsibility for their role in keeping the neighbourhood tidy, as part of a joint initiative with Tameside Council and Tesco.

Principal Anton McGrath met with Tesco’s Ashton-Under-Lyne branch along with Tameside Council during the last academic year, to discuss what could be done to improve the area’s response to litter. Following various discussions and meetings, bins were placed around the local area, sponsored by both Ashton Sixth Form College and Tesco.

Community is a huge part of Ashton Sixth Form College and volunteering is something the college is very proud of. Jean Hurlston of the Chaplaincy organised a community litter pick with students, councillors and members of the local area too.


The litter issue across the UK has transformed and expanded over the years. Keep Britain Tidy stated, “The direct cost of keeping our streets clean and tidy is almost £1billion a year. A significant part of this is attributable to removing litter.” (Keep Britain Tidy Report, 23/10/17).

By making people more aware of the impact they have on the environment, and providing solutions such as increasing places for people to dispose of their rubbish, the community will be able to work together towards making the area a cleaner and safer place.

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