2 year old visits English Language

2 November 2017

English Language students were visited by two year old Barney, to explore the way in which children acquire language. Speaking is probably the hardest thing we will ever learn to do, yet we generally all do it at a similar pace.

How do children develop their vocabulary? How do children put words together into sentences? How does language development link to play, social development, or interaction with others? How do parents engage with children and encourage language acquisition?

Students at Ashton Sixth Form College were able to look at the way in which children use language from a first-hand perspective. Barney, aged 2, came in to the English Language classes with his mum, Claire, and delightfully captured everybody's attention. As a result, students were able to apply their theoretical studies in a practical environment, gaining invaluable skills in researching and transcribing children's language and their interaction with parents.

The English Department at Ashton Sixth Form College bring innovative ways of learning in to the classroom. Encouraging students to move from behind their desks allows them to think differently and apply their learning directly to the world around them.

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