Lest We Forget

6 November 2017

Dancers and performers from across Tameside came together in honour of the Tameside Armed Services Community, to raise money and support the services community. 

Lest We Forget is an event that brings together the community to reflect and support. Organised by the Performing Arts Department and hosted in the Performing Arts Theatre, the event featured students studying Dance at Ashton Sixth Form College along with a whole host of performers and companies from across the Tameside Borough. All funds raised go towards supporting the work of TASC

TASC offer support and advice, organising events and reunions for Veterans and their families, creating a network for those who have fought for their country. TASC supports the services community in line with the Armed Forces Covenant,

The Armed Forces Covenant sets out the relationship between the nation, the state and the Armed Forces. It recognises that the whole nation has a moral obligation to members of the Armed Forces and their families and it establishes how they should expect to be treated.

With special thanks to the performers and chaperones from - Boundary Dance, Torque Youth Dance Company, Kirsten’s Dance Academy, 2faced Theatre Company, Next Geneneration Youth Theatre, Dawn Healy-wilde Sotd, Ashton Sixth Form College, Droylsden Academy. 


The evening went as follows:



Introduction from Councillor Frank Travis, Lead Member for the Armed Services at Tameside Council.

ASFC A LEVEL DANCERS, ‘Lest We Forget’ For TASC, choreographed by Tamzin Sinclair-Sivins and Dancers

NEXT GENERATION YOUTH THEATRE - MAODS, advanced performance group, ‘Live in Living Colour’ choreographed by Gary Jones-McCaw

2FACED THEATRE COMPANY, ‘The Sound of Music’, directed by Ruth Broadfield

BOUNDARY DANCE, ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’, choreographed by Kaireen MacDonald

TORQUE YOUTH DANCE COMPANY, ‘Sissy That Walk’, choreographed by Emma Kelly

ASFC A LEVEL DANCERS, ‘Die Easy’ performing in the style of Christopher Bruce, choreographed by   Tamzin Sinclair-Sivins and Dance students

HSODT - HEALEY SCHOOL OF THEATRE DANCE, Hairspray Medley, choreographed by Dawn Healey-Wilde

KDA - KIRSTEN’S DANCE ACADEMY, ‘Casino Belles’, choreographed by Stacey Maurice

BOUNDARY DANCE, ‘What a Wonderful World’, choreographed by Siobhan Pownall


DROYLSDEN ACADEMY GCSE year 11 Dancers, ‘On the Edge’, choreographed and performed by Kelly  Dalton and Anisha Joshi

KDA - KIRSTEN’S DANCE ACADEMY, ‘Pace E Amore’, choreographed by Stacey Maurice

ASFC A LEVEL DANCERS, performing in the style of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, choreographed by Emma Kelly

2FACED THEATRE COMPANY, ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’, by Tamzin Sinclair-Sivins and Ruth Broadfield

ASFC A LEVEL DANCER, freestyle solo choreographed and performed by Courtney Burns

CAST OF ‘IN THE HEIGHTS’, by Gary Jones-McCaw and Simon Fitzpatrick

HSODT - HEALEY SCHOOL OF THEATRE DANCE, ‘One Last Time’, by Dawn Healey-Wilde

ASFC A LEVEL DANCERS, Commercial, choreographed by Emma Kelly

TORQUE YOUTH DANCE COMPANY, ‘Breathe’, choreographed by Stacey Maurice


REMEMBERING (short service led by Rev. Jean Hurlston)



ASFC: Madison Mellor, Tuesday Skade, Sophie Atkinson, Katie Brimlow, Courtney Burns, Olivia Evans, Katie Hopkinson, Megan Horrocks, Hannah Muskett, Lauren Phelan, Emily Schofield, Halle Swan

TORQUE: Ellie Wild, Eloise Jones, Lauren Shuttleworth, Lilly Thompson, Sophie Turner , Alannah warren, Ellie Marland, Amy Mayhall, Amie Midgley, Erin Marshall, Hannah Beech, Meg Levesconte, Beau Newton, Keavy Smith, Niamh Halpin, Eirinn Fenton, Jess Leah, Lillie Hawes

2FACED: Emily Conner, Hannah Beech, Jared Donald, Rachel Bishop, Holly Whitebread, Holly Gallagher, Daisy Smithson, Emily Stanage, Aimee Chapman, Sam Williamson, Daniel Hincliffe , Francesca Gregory-Davies, India Lowry, Rose Fagan, Lois Thornton, Ellie Hassall, Lilly Plummer, Amelia Perry, Katie Molloy, Dakota Latham, Kaya Manning, Toby Reynolds, Amelia McNulty

BOUNDARY DANCE: Abbie-Jo Connolly, Lottie Cull, Ruby Broadhurst, Alyssa Lad, Sadie Samways, Annessy Spencer-Smith, Harry Pearce

KDA: Keavy Smith, Lily Thompson, Olivia Rutter, Ellie Wolfenden, Lucy Duncan, Emma Gregory, Natasha Clays Jones, Lucy Ord, Hannah Brierley, Rebecca Gregory, Jessica Leah, Lauren Shuttleworth, Niamh Simpson, Aimee Midgley, Cara Dawson

NEXT GENERATION YOUTH THEATRE: Abey Bardsley, Connie Bennett, Elena Burrows, India Crompton Laura Hamilton, Phoebe Hewitt, Erin Heywood, Bethany Jackson, Rhiann Johnson, Tom Kehoe, Kieran Lever, Lulu Mann, Erin Marshall, Isobel Parkin, Elizabeth Parkin, Manisha Parmar, Nikhita Parmar, Niamh Sweeney, Violet Winterbottom

IN THE HEIGHTS CAST: Rhys Nuttall, Lucca Chadwick, Patel Jordanne Woodward, Katherine Farrow, Kira Richardson, Maisie Kelly, Ben Drane, Keavy Smith, Lily Thompson, Lauren Shuttleworth, Mary Platts

Chloe Hewitt, Simon Fitzpatrick, Gary Jones McCaw

HEALEY SOTD: Amber Price Butterworth, Georgia Warhurst, Ella Bowker, Kaia Earl, Dessica Convey, Naomi Seel, Lauren Horrocks, Georgia Robinson

Olivia Strutt, Leah Gould, Jessica Lee, Becky Gould, Hannah Dawkins

DROYLSDEN ACADEMY: Kelly Dalton and Anisha Joshi


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