Criminology Guest Speaker from Inside Time

19 December 2017

Criminology students were visited by guest speaker Noel Smith from Inside Time. 

Inside Time Limited is a 'not for profit' publishing company producing the monthly newspaper for prisoners ( Noel spoke to students about the Criminal Justice system and life in prison. He also spoke about how the systems works to reduce reoffending through processes such as therapy. Noel is part of the editorial team at Inside Time having first wrote for the paper in 1994.

In second year, Criminology students cover a range of units that link to some of the topics Noel spoke about. 

Guest speakers such as Noel are also particularly interesting for students wishing to progress on to careers within the sector, such as the Police Force or Probabtion Officer etc. By hearing of Noel's experiences and the work of such organisations as Inside Time, students are able to think differently about some of the careers they have the opportunity to go in to. 

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