Dracula Lecture with MMU

22 February 2018

The English Literature lecture series continued at Ashton Sixth Form College as the department welcomed visitor Holly Hirst, a PhD student from Manchester Metropolitan University. 

In the previous week, Dr. Emma Liggins visited English Literature students from MMU who explored themes of the gothic in relation to Frankenstein.

Holly Hirst spoke about the work of Dracula by Bram StokerCurrent English Literature A-Level students are exploring the Gothic in their studies and were able to explore the text in depth in the lecture.

Alongside those in Dr. Emma Liggins' lecture, students gained an even greater understanding of the gothic genre. They were able to think creatively and independently, building on their own interpretations and improving their analytical and written skills. 

The English Department at the college invite guest speakers and visitors to the college in order to further students learning, allowing them to think differently about the texts and works they are studying. 

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