Oxnet: Easter Conference

12 April 2018

Ashton Sixth Form College students attended the Pembroke College Humanities and Theology Easter Conferences during the Easter Holidays.

The aim of the conferences were to introduce students to different ways of learning and to allow students to explore a range of topics and subject areas. Students were also able to meet other people who were similarly passionate about the Humanities and Theology.

Conferences this year were held at the University of Manchester. They brought undergraduate and postgraduate students from the University of Oxford to help students explore the subjects. Following a series of introductions and lectures, students were able to get involved in group study, experiencing degree-level and seminar-style learning first hand. 

The Humanities Conference featured lectures including Classical Indian Religion and Enlightenment of Faith, as well as talks concerning 'Confidence and Communication', which explored how students can plan presentations and articulate their thoughts and finding with confidence.

During the group study sessions, students were able to work with and learn from those of other colleges across the country. Each conference concluded with presentations of their answers to the questions assigned and prize giving. Two of Ashton Sixth Form College's students at the Easter Conference were part of the winning groups on each conference. 

Holly Raine and her group, winners of the Humanities prize, explored 'The Viking invasions - a necessary reappraisal?'

Ryan Worthington and his group, winners of the Theology prize, explored 'The Final Jewel: How does the early Buddhist Sangah express, and maintain, the core values of early Buddhism?' 

OxNet has worked in partnership with Ashton Sixth Form College since 2012, offering academic outreach courses including Theology, Languages and Science network events. The college is the host institution for The Oxnet North West Theology and Religious Studies Centre. The Pembroke North scheme in partnership with Pembroke College, Oxford, works to widen access and participation to institutions similar to Oxford University.

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