Realising Aspirations Finale 2018

11 May 2018

The Realising Aspirations programme for 2017/18 came to a close and concluded with the Realising Aspirations finale.

Throughout the year, students on the Realising Aspirations programme have been attending university-style seminars and lectures, delivered by leading professors and lecturers in the field. Students choose a subject strand that interests them most. These have included:

  • Business Management & Accountancy
  • Computer Science & Mathematics
  • Criminology
  • Design: Photography
  • Digital technology & Multimedia
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • History of Art
  • Language & Linguistics
  • Law
  • Liberal Arts
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Psychology
  • Sport
  • Working with Young People

Those students who completed the programme, also attended a university trip across the country to experience university life first hand. 

Principal Anton McGrath congratulated the students on their achievements and their dedication to learning. He also spoke about the future and the Realising Aspirations programme working to help students make important decisions about where they want to go.

Students who attended the finale also heard from Chester University talking about Student Finance. The information was general rather than specific to a university, giving students a broad overview of the next steps, should they wish to progress on to university. Chester University made it clear that while university is expensive, it is not out of reach and is affordable to each and every student, despite their background or financial situation. 


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