3-year-old William visited English Language

16 November 2018

English Language students were visited by 3-year-old William.

The students are currently exploring child acquisition and the ways in which young children develop their understanding of language over time.

The English department have welcomed various little visitors to their classes over the past few weeks, including William.

As William engaged in conversation, talking about his friends and how he spends his time, students were able to discover the different words he has picked up already. Students also looked at the different ways he remembers the meaning of words and how different letters symbolised different things for him.

He also treated the class to a performance of 'Never Enough' a song from The Greatest Showman

Students were able to understand how William has picked up words from his parents or from those around him.

Throughout the visit, students were making notes on his behaviour and phrases to analyse closely in a later lesson.

Rather than learn this section of their course from a text book, the English department invite in guests to allow students to learn from real life examples. They have the opportunity to gain a personal understanding of the topic and apply their classroom based learning.

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