Bursary prize winner receives £100!

27 November 2018

This year, the Ashton Sixth Form College bursary prize of £100 was presented to Saeeda Arshad. 

The aim of the bursary is to help support individuals financially. Students can apply for the college bursary if they meet a certain set of criteria, of which can be found here

Students who submit their bursary application prior to the deadline are automatically entered in to a raffle in order to win £100. One student is chosen in the raffle and is awarded the prize. 

The college bursary is given to students on a weekly basis. Throughout the year, students choose to spend their money in a range of ways. Some students use their bursary to help with transport costs purchasing bus or tram passes. Others buy additional books, text books, resources or materials for their course. The bursary can also help with food costs or can be used to help fund trips and activities during the college experience.

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