DfE tables officially rank Ashton the best college in the area

29 January 2019

•    Top performing college in the borough
•    Second highest performing college in Greater Manchester
•    Amongst the very best colleges in the North West

The Department for Education (DfE) have published the latest performance tables officially placing Ashton Sixth Form College as the top performing college in the borough for the third year running. The recent announcement continues to highlight Ashton’s outstanding reputation as the leading provider of education in the borough and its increasing achievements across the North West. 

Ashton’s position across Greater Manchester has continued to improve year on year. The latest performance tables put Ashton in particularly high-standing as the second best performing college across Greater Manchester. The quality teaching and excellent support students receive at the college allows them to perform above and beyond. 

Principal Anton McGrath said,

“We're really pleased with our position in the league tables. We have improved our league table position and our value added score for the fourth year, maintaining our position as one of the best sixth form colleges in the local area and beyond. It's worth remembering that this information is about students and their success. Our excellent staff at the college work tirelessly and with real dedication to provide support for all students and this is their reward. Students choosing Ashton Sixth Form College can be safe in the knowledge that we can provide the best quality of teaching and learning to help them achieve their goals.”

The college’s performance is highlighted further when compared to other providers across the North West. Ashton is ranked joint sixth highest performing sixth form college in the North West, taking its position amongst some of the highest achieving colleges. The college once again considerably outperformed many ‘outstanding’ rated colleges, putting Ashton’s incredible performance in to perspective. 


 College  No. of students who studied at least one A level   Progress Score   Description
 Ashton Sixth Form College  634  0.17  Above average 
 Oldham Sixth Form College  700  0.10  Above average
 Loreto College  1530  0.09  Above Average
 Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College  225  -0.01  Average
 Connell Sixth Form College  132  -0.12  Average
 Xaverian College   1034  -0.06  Below average
 Aquinas College  924  -0.06  Below average
 Tameside College - Clarendon Sixth Form   199  -0.11  Below average
 The Blue Coat CofE School  209  -0.13  Below average

A-Level data: www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk


The DfE measures colleges based on their ‘progress score’. This score represents how much progress a student makes from the end of key stage 4 (GCSEs and other) to the end of their A Level qualifications. These are then compared to students across the country. A score above zero indicates students make more progress, on average. Ashton Sixth Form College not only performs above average, but the progress score awarded to Ashton is significantly higher by a substantial margin. This means that, on average, students that come to Ashton Sixth Form College do significantly better than they would have done, if they had attended a different college.

This announcement from the DfE follows a spectacular few years for Ashton Sixth Form College. Most recently, the college was shortlisted for ‘sixth form college of the year’ at the TES FE Awards 2019. Ashton’s results for 2017-2018 also positioned the college in the top 10% nationally for student progress. 

The DfE performance tables are a testament to the devoted team at Ashton Sixth Form College and the students who consistently outperform those in the borough.

To view the Department for Education Performance Tables click here.

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