Realising Aspirations welcomed lecturers from Salford, MMU and Manchester

13 February 2019

Realising Aspirations in-college sessions continued with three diverse seminars on offer to students. The sessions this evening covered 'Business Management & Accountancy', 'Physical Sciences' and 'Sport and Working with Young People'. 

Students who have chosen a particular strand on the programme can attend as many different seminars as they choose.

Dr Rob Drummond, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at MMU, delivered a session on ‘Accent and Dialect’ exploring the way we interpret identities of those around us based on the way they speak and the language they use. 

Louise Hall, Solicitor and Lecturer in Law from Salford University, delivered a seminar on ‘Criminal Moot’. Students looked at cases of manslaughter and debated a case that had been covered in the news that particular week. They were able to apply their learning to a current and ongoing case. 

Professor David Schultz, from the University of Manchester, specialises in Synoptic Meteorology and returned to the college for the third year. Professor David delivered his seminar on 'Why weather forecasts go bad'. Students gained an understanding of how weather forecasts are calculate but also the possible implications when weather forecasts are incorrect. 

Realising Aspirations evening sessions bring university-style teaching and learning directly to the students. The programme bridges the gap between A-Level and undergraduate study, which ultimately allows students to make more informed decisions about their futures. It also allows students to begin thinking very early on, about the range of degree courses available to them and the breadth of research that they could potentially become part of.

Each student on the Realising Aspirations programme also visits a university across the country in order to understand university life. 

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