Lecturer and Prison Researcher visited Criminology

21 February 2019

Dr. Toni Wood is a Lecturer in Criminology at Salford University. Her research currently focuses on the health and well-being of prisoners and prison staff. 

She visited the college to speak about this particular topic with students who are currently studying Criminology at Ashton.

The talk proved extremely popular, resulting in a completely packed room of students wanting to hear more about her work. 

Dr. Wood gave a brief overview of the various prison systems and the Criminal Justice System more broadly. She then spoke to Criminology students about prisoner and prison staff welfare. Most recently, her researched has focused on Autism and the Criminal Justice System, as well as the awareness of prison officers regarding prisoners who have ASD. 

As part of their course at Ashton, Criminology students explore a range of units including 'Crime and Punishment'. On this unit they explore the organisation of the criminal justice system in England and Wales and the models of criminal justice. With this knowledge they then look at the aims and forms of punishment that exist within the criminal justice system. Dr Toni Wood's talk allowed students to apply their classroom based learning to the research that is currently being undertaken today and how this research can have a direct impact on society. 

Criminology students had the opportunity to hear about an example of academic research that relates to their current studies. They were then able to see the extensive range of research that is potentially being looked at and begin to think about their futures after college. 

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