Introduction to Engineering with Manchester University

6 March 2019

Realising Aspirations students on the Engineering strand at Ashton Sixth Form attended an in-college session with the University of Manchester.

Dr Robert North is a Research Associate at the School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering. He delivered the session introducing the students to the different aspects of Engineering covered by the university including aerospace, civil and mechanical. 

The session was hands-on allowing the students to get involved while exploring an extremely complex subject. 

Every student at Ashton has the opportunity to join the Realising Aspirations programme. The main aim of the programme is to help students understand more about university and find out about the range of subjects available to them. Students choose a particular strand that interests them most. They then attend a university trip across the country as well as a range of in-college sessions 

Find out more about Realising Aspirations at Ashton here

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