English Literature students explore Frankenstein with MMU

5 April 2019

Dr Emma Liggins from Manchester Metropolitan University delivered a lecture on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to English students. 

English Literature students who are in their final year are currently studying the Gothic novel for their upcoming exams.

Students were able to explore a sense of otherness and the supernatural that has fascinated audiences since the text's first publication in 1818. The themes explores in Frankenstein, such as power, the sublime, secrecy and ambition, ensure Shelley's work is still explored and debated to this day. 

Dr Liggins specialises in Victorian Literature and the Gothic, providing A-Level students with an in-depth analysis that will further their revision. 

The English Department regularly invite guest lecturers and visitors to speak to their students to allow them to experience university-style learning and also gain a greater understanding of the texts they are exploring. 

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