Year 10 Realising Aspirations Finale

30 April 2019

The Year 10 Realising Aspirations programme has come to a close for 2019. 

Students from across the Tameside borough have been attending various Realising Aspirations sessions at Ashton Sixth Form College for the past couple of months. 

The programme aims to provide year 10 students with an exciting opportunity to try out a higher level of academic teaching. Students choose a particular strand that interests them most and the subject strands for 2019 included Art & Design, Business, Economics & Finance, Humanities, Performing Arts, Science & Maths and Social Sciences.

During the evenings, students experience academic taster sessions in related subject areas. College teaching staff stretch and challenge students beyond the GCSE curriculum, to try new subjects and develop new skills. Students then complete assignments to consolidate their knowledge and display their understanding.

In addition, students attend Study Skills Workshops, that prepare learners for an academic environment that is often suited to university. Students learn how to evaluate websites, find electronic resources and use the college library systems. Students on the Year 10 programme gain a step ahead in the academic world. They are able to take these skills in to the final year of their GCSEs and beyond. 

The penultimate event of the programme is the Pathways Evening where students meet with our current students and Careers Advisors. They are able to hear a range of invaluable advice from a leading university and this year's guest speaker came from the University of Newcastle.

Realising Aspirations is also an exciting time where students can meet new people who share similar interests.

Students who complete the programme are celebrated at the Awards Evening. Principal Anton McGrath welcomed the students, alongside the Programme Co-ordinator Rebecca Crossfield. 

Parents, families, head teachers and staff members from the schools who took part, made the event a spectacular occasion. Year 10 students show tremendous commitment throughout the programme and their accomplishments are an incredible achievement. 

Year 10 Realising Aspirations

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