NHS Psychotherapist visits Psychology

10 June 2019

Ashton Sixth Form College’s psychology department welcomed Cheryl Delisser from the NHS. She is a registered CAT Psychotherapist and ACAT accredited CAT supervisor.

Cheryl spoke to students about her career path and the steps she took to becoming a Psychotherapist. After studying psychology at university, she went on to further her learning in various areas of psychology before finding the specific area she wanted to focus on. She now has 15 years of experience in a variety of roles. Cheryl currently works with adults who have secondary care mental health needs in an NHS specialist psychotherapy service.

Speaking of her time working in the NHS, Cheryl explained how no two days are the same. The NHS has provided her with various opportunities that she never expected upon first joining. Many people choose to work in the NHS because of the varied roles and opportunities to move flexibly within departments or even geographically.

Cheryl presented to Psychology students about what it is actually like to work as a Psychotherapist. She spoke about some of the various elements of her role that she typically experiences on the job. She then spoke about the areas of psychology and the theories and methods she uses on a daily basis. She explored some of the ways her work forms part of a person's wider mental health journey and how her work can go on to inform further therapy. 

The psychology department regularly invite visitors to the department to allow students to explore the careers available to them after leaving college. Bringing in people who currently use psychology in their careers ensures students understand the breadth of opportunity. It also allows students to ask questions from the people who know their careers best, especially for those wanting to progress in to therapy or a career in the NHS. At the end of Cheryl's talk, students asked questions that will assist them in their future decision making process.

One psychology student asked Cheryl about how/if therapists are able to keep their emotions separate from their work. Cheryl then spoke about how she personally has to find a distinguished line between her own self care and those she helps at work. She spoke of the team and of her fellow workers at the NHS who also form part of that support network to keep their emotions separate.

Another student also asked why Cheryl had chosen to work with adults rather than children, as question students themselves are also beginning to ask at the start of their career. Cheryl explored her reasons for doing so and how she felt she could work much better with adults from the beginning. She also said that now she has built up her knowledge and skill set, she has developed the confidence to work with children. As a result, this an area she could potentially progress on to should she wish. Yet another example of how a career in psychology is varied and can develop as a career progresses.

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