Criminology welcome Forensic Psychologist

13 June 2019

The Criminology department welcomed Forensic Psychologist, Dr Caroline Logan, to Ashton Sixth Form College. 

Dr Caroline Logan delivered her talk to first year Criminology students who are beginning to look at the careers they want to move on to on completion of their college studies. She began her talk by giving an overview of her career and explored some of the key language and psychology basics she uses within the sector. 

She went on to give an overview of the various facilities she work in or close to, including secure facilities and the range of individuals who require support in those facilities. Her talk focused predominantly on psychopaths. Throughout her role as a Forensic Psychologist, Caroline has worked with a number of psychopaths and she approached some of the complexities and characteristics. She explored what motivates people or what drives people to do the things they do.

"The main thing I've found in life is that people are complicated."

Caroline explored some of the stereotypes and media representations of psychopaths in our communities and what it actually means to be a psychopath. She presented the range of treatments that have improved in the psychological world, whilst also highlighting the lack of advancements directly relating to psychopathy.

Dr Caroline Logan's passion for her work and her studies shone throughout the talk. She recommended extra reading, films or TV shows that students could use to find out more about the topic. 

The Psychology department regularly invite guest speakers to the college to allow students to have the opportunity to ask questions. They are then able to make more informed decisions about their futures.

Find out more about studying Psychology at Ashton here.

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