Tameside Loves Reading

18 September 2019

Students at Ashton Sixth Form College have joined the 'Tameside Loves Reading' scheme. The programme has been set up by Tameside Council with the aim of dramatically improving reading within the Tameside borough. 

The council have recognised that something incredible can be done to help young people learn to read from a very early age. As a result, they have recruited volunteers to help them teach others. Students from Ashton Sixth Form College have been called upon to join the team. Ashton Sixth Form College are extremely passionate about providing their students with opportunities to grow and improve. As a results, this opportunity has been extremely popular and is already full for this term. 

On Wednesday, students attended a training session to kick start the programme. They were provided with the information to allow them to make the most out of the programme and ensure they are teaching young people how to read in the most engaging and exciting ways. Students from Ashton will be giving up around an hour a week of their own time to visit primary schools across Tameside where they will assist with reading lessons. By working with individuals from a much larger class, Ashton student's will be able to dedicate their sole attention to either one or a small group of students in order to foster their love of learning and inspire a passion for books. 

Improving young people's reading skills from a young age recognises and furthers their speech, language and communication development. Reading also, as stated by the council, helps "them secure better work and life opportunities" while providing a space for creativity. 

The group of student volunteers are excited to begin their project and help young people in the borough to develop their reading skills.

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