Psychology students attend Brain Day 2019

11 December 2019

Psychology students at Ashton Sixth Form College attended Brain Day 2019. 

Brain Day is annual event at the college, created and delivered by Dr. Guy Sutton. 

Dr. Sutton is the Director of Medical Biology Interactive (MBI) and he is also an Honorary (Consultant) Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham Medical School in the Division of Psychiatry. His passion and wealth of knowledge within his subject, as well as his own research, is extremely inspiring and allowed the students to gain an insight in to the research community and the impact they could have in the world of Psychology. 

Students attended a series of lectures throughout the day which covering varying aspects of Psychology, both consolidating and confirming their classroom-based learning. In addition, Dr. Guy Sutton also pushed student's knowledge, approaching subject matter that extends beyond the A-Level curriculum. 

Following a morning lecture and setting the foundation of knowledge and focus for the day, students were able to witness and take part in a live brain dissection. Dr. Guy Sutton allowed the Psychology students to see firsthand, the components of a sheep's brain, explaining their uses and the differences that were visible to other brains such as humans. The brain dissection is always an exciting part of the day in which students gained a real understanding of the brain in its physical form. 

The Brain Day event allowed students to learn about a range of areas within psychology such as schizophrenia or even the latest research in translating thoughts into speech and congenital brain malformations. They were able to gain an awareness of how the workings of the brain can inform research across a number of sectors including an understanding of mental health. 

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