Apprenticeship Assessment Day with the Apprentice Academy

25 February 2020

Second year students attended an Apprenticeship Assessment Day at Ashton Sixth Form College. 

The morning gave students a broad understanding about the range of apprenticeship opportunities that are available to them after they complete their qualifications. The Assessment Day was led by the Apprentice Academy who are based in Manchester city centre.

Students found out about the benefits of choosing the apprenticeship route and the impact it could have on their future careers. They were able to ask any questions they had about apprenticeships and the team worked together to help clarify the facts around pay, roles and sectors.

The Apprentice Academy also worked with the students to help them understand the various application processes they may face, how to stand out at an assessment day and also how to perform well at an interview. They provided a unique insight in to what employers are looking for in an apprentice. 

Throughout the sessions, student were able to ask questions about their own personal aspirations and gained one-on-one advice about how to gain access to some of the best apprenticeships.

Tags: careers apprenticeship employability