Exams update: level 2 BTEC

19 August 2020

At 16:30 college received a request from Pearson asking we do NOT release results for our Level 2 BTEC courses. This means students studying on Level 2 Creative Media and Level 2 Public Services will not receive their results as planned tomorrow. The email request from Pearson has been included in the email sent to Level 2 students.

We appreciate this is highly frustrating for you. However, we strongly believe this is a positive step to ensuring your results are accurate and fair. As a result of this process delayed grades are likely to rise rather than fall and as you can see from the statement below.  Pearson have confirmed "no grade will go down as part of the review". 

The college will still enrol you on your level 3 course, subject to college entry requirements, although we may have to delay or rearrange this appointment depending on when we receive confirmation of results. College will be in contact with you if this is the case.

This announcement is in addition to a delay from OCR regarding Level 2 Business results, where results will now be released 25 August.

We are sorry for the delay and uncertainty this causes and will rectify this as soon as we have results available.