Politics students join the US Digital Dialogue

18 November 2021

Politics students from Ashton Sixth Form College took part in the USA Digital Dialogue event. 

Second year Politics students had the exciting opportunity to join a virtual Q&A session with former Congressmen; The Hon. Larry LaRocco and The Hon. Tim Hutchinson.

Students Harry, Felicity and Robbie asked some great questions keeping the Congressmen on their toes and the session was coordinated by the Politics Project.

As part of the Politics course at Ashton, students cover USA Politics. They look at the comparisons and difference between the US and UK governments. They explore the US system and how the systems effect abilities to make change and pass laws. 

Having the chance to speak to former Congressmen who worked within the US system firsthand, was an invaluable experience to find out more about what that means day to day and reflect this on their own learning. 

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