A2 student finishes her Health & Social Care work placement!

21 March 2022

Second year student, Holly Walker has recently finished her work placement at People First in Tameside!


Holly studies English Language, PE and Health and Social Care L3 Certificate here at Ashton. As part of her Health and Social Care course, she undertook a work placement at People First. People First is a user led organisation for adults with learning disabilities and runs social activities, dayservices and campaigns!



Every week, Holly held her own activity, called 'Baking with Holly' where she would bake with the regulars on a Friday. She taught them all about baking and the different components to it, whilst always making sure they were having fun and making food they loved! Holly was also involved in meetings with other staff and pushed herself to help with her future career and professional and personal development.


Holly was extremely sad to leave the placement as she grew bonds with each member and she looked forward to it every week. The team at People First gave Holly many praises, calling her reliable, responsible, enthusiastic and full of initiative! It's clear to see Holly made a huge impression on everybody at People First. Our staff working in placements here at the college and the Education and Health department are all so proud of her!


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