10 ASFC students complete the Scholars Programme

6 October 2022

During last years summer term, students from Ashton Sixth Form College participated in the Brilliant Club’s Scholars Programme. 10 students undertook a STEM placement, exploring 'The Placenta: Your Most Important Organ?'.

As part of the programme, students gain a greater understanding of what it is like to study at degree level. It is a unique opportunity to further their learning. The programme provides students with "the opportunity to work with a PhD researcher to experience university-style learning. It helps them to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to secure a place at a highly-selective university." (TheBrilliantClub.org).

10 students with backgrounds in STEM subjects, enrolled onto the programme. Students participated in six seminars to develop their academic study skills further and learn topics taught at undergraduate level. The seminars enabled students to learn about content needed to answer the final assignment question at the end of the course. The final assignment is supposed to be challenging, being pitched at a level above where the pupils are currently working at in school.

One student on the programme commented:

“It was a great learning curve for me, to be able to progress from subject specific exam questions to writing an academic book about a specific scope of study. I have gained so much knowledge alongside developing and fortifying many skills, especially that of research.

Learning a brand new complex topic was difficult and sometimes overwhelming but my PhD tutor was really careful to give me just enough information so that every day was a challenge but not so much that I felt I didn’t understand it by the end.”

Alex, the college's Realising Aspirations Coordinator said,

"The students worked incredibly hard and challenged themselves during each session. They contributed well to discussions and asked insightful questions to their PhD tutor. They all should be very proud of the marks they achieved on their final assignments."

All students achieved a first in their final assignment; three of which secured a mark over 80! This is a fantastic result to secure such high grades and praise while working at university level.

To celebrate the student’s achievements, the group visited the University of Manchester for a Graduation Ceremony. Students received their participation certificate, went on a tour of campus and some even delivered an inspiring speech to the younger cohort (one of which was our trust school, Longdendale High School.


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