Principal's Recognition Lunch 2022

13 October 2022

Recently, a number of student's were invited to a recognition lunch with Centre Principal, Lisa Richards after receiving a nomination from department areas. Each department had the chance to nominate two students that have stood out this half term. The students were then awarded with a certificate from Lisa along with a lunch for them to tuck in to.

The following are the student's who received nominations:

Oumar Dia

Nominated by Art & Design

"Oumar returned to college with a renewed and fantastic work ethic. A fabulous start - well done!"

Dieter Lehman

Nominated by Art & Design

"Dieter is a super enthusiastic tri-art student and has been really helpful supporting new, emerging friendship groups. Well done, Dieter!"

Jamie-Leigh Edge

Nominated by Biology & Applied Science 

"Jamie-Leigh has started the year as she finished last year, bringing high levels of motivation and enthusiasm. She has also completed her application for Veterinary medicine and should be commended for her drive and energy. Well done, Jamie-Leigh."

Vernon Allott

Nominated by Biology & Applied Science

"Vernon has already has two A grades in assessments this year and contributes to all lessons with enthusiasm. A fabulous start to the A2, Vernon – well done and keep it up!"

Ephraim Udanyi

Nominated by Chemistry

"Ephraim made excellent consistent and finally outstanding progress last year in Chemistry. He tried very hard and in closing the year achieved the highest grade in his class and he has already made a very good start to this year. Ephraim is a very interpersonal and confident scientist and brings a lot of really good energy to his classes. Thank you, Ephraim and well done!"

Jacob Cambpell

Nominated by Computer Science & Physics

"We have been very impressed by Jacob’s first year and his engagement with the Oxford’s Oxnet outreach programme in which Jacob participated and excelled. He has been a great ambassador for the college!"

Amber Price Butterworth

Nominated by Performing Arts

"Amber is a phenomenal student of Drama and Theatre. She always goes above and beyond in all aspects of the course, bringing forth new and exciting ideas to the class that inspire her peers. She is applying to Cambridge to study Law which is such an aspirational challenge. Always ready to learn and even challenges the concept put forth by the teacher to enhance the learning for all. An excellent start – well done!"

Callum Haynes

Nominated by Digital Technology & Multimedia

"Callum did lots of his coursework over the summer, takes the feedback and responds positively. Always early and ready to learn with a positive and friendly attitude. An excellent role model to others and a great basis for his own future. Well done, Callum."

Elyse Lord

Nominated by Digital Technology & Multimedia

"Elyse never misses a lesson and always works really hard. She supports other learners within the group. Elyse has also taken part in many extra-curricular opportunities including BFI residential."

Devon Johnson

Nominated by Law and Philosophy

"Devon has made an outstanding start to A2. He is enthusiastic, hardworking and eager to contribute to the wider college community by volunteering for open evening."

Isha Tasmin

Nominated by Law and Philosophy

"Isha studies both Law and Philosophy, achieved an A in her progression exam and has started A2 with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. She also contributed to the open evening and presented herself with distinction."

Miten Lad

Nominated by Maths

"Miten has made an excellent start to Maths. He willingly answers questions in class and achieved an excellent result in his first test. Superb work, Miten."

Finn O’Hanlon

Nominated by Maths

"Finn has made a really good start to year 2 Maths and helping with Open evening. He is a credit to himself and the department. Well done and thank you!"

Jeremy Okuwu

Nominated by English & Spanish

"eremy has repeatedly evidenced many of the characteristics of a very good Spanish student: always punctual, he makes his own opportunities to practice the language, he uses his Spanish in the classroom and in college corridors and makes a lot of intelligent guesses. He has made an exemplary start in this subject, follows instructions religiously and organises information in a very clear way and in addition to all this he is very polite and appreciative."

Ruby Orr

Nominated by Education & Health

"Ruby has adapted well to demands of level 3. Always ready to learn and eager to participate in any class discussions. Thank you, Ruby, for being an absolute joy to teach."

Aneeka Broady Ojero

Nominated by Education & Health

"Aneeka has achieved fantastic results in the unit 3 examination and has adapted well to the A2 year, showing real growth and development. A positive and mature attitude to learning and a great example to others."

Madison King

Nominated by Sports & Public Services

"Madison has helped the college at numerous open events. Work has been identified as being exceptional by the awarding body. She has helped with interview process for new member of staff and always supports other students on the course."

Jake Newton

Nominated by Sports & Public Services

"Jake has never been late to any SES lesson, maintaining 100% attendance. He always scores the highest in class assessment tests and got the highest score on the external Anatomy exam. Work has been identified as being excellent by the awarding body. One of the most polite students we have seen."

Angelina Harrison

Nominated by Psychology & Criminology

"Angelina has made an excellent start to the A2 year. She is very engaged in lessons, contributes regularly to class discussion and is working hard outside of college to secure relevant work experience for her future pathway. All in all, an outstanding student."

Sophie Holt

Nominated by Psychology & Criminology

"Sophie has shown a consistently positive work ethic in all A1 Criminology lessons and all tasks, she is a very good contributor in class and brings with her a really positive, warm attitude that is contagious to other students. She tries really hard and her teachers really appreciate everything she brings."

Liam Cregan

Nominated by Inclusive Learning

"Liam has settled well onto the level 3 Public Services programme, after achieving the level 2 here last year. He is polite, hardworking, resilient: has overcome the disappointment of achieving a grade 3 for his English Language resit, and working hard to ensure a grade 4 is achieved this time. He uses support regularly and proficiently. A credit to himself and a great example to others."

Hamza Aslam

Nominated by Humanities

"Hamza has helped out on college events including taster days as well as open events and he has supported the wider department in settling new students in. Hamza is a keen participant in debate club and has made a flying start to his A2 History studies. A really positive advocate for the department. We are delighted to have him as a leading student member of our department."

Usman Ghani

Nominated by Humanities

"Usman started the Sociology course a little later but worked so hard to catch up. He is vocal in lessons and clearly passionate about the course. Always on time, he maintains excellent attendance and has a great attitude to his studies!"

Finlay Brown

Nominated by Business

"I would like to recommend Finlay for the principal’s gathering as recognition of his consistent hard work in Business. He deserves success and his attitude and work-rate will serve him well for life. Finlay is a pleasure to teach."

Claudia Catalan Riquelme

Nominated by Business 

"I would like to recommend Claudia for the principal’s gathering as recognition of her flawless attitude and application in all classes for her BTEC Business course. Claudia displays a very mature attitude to her studies and is an absolute pleasure to teach. Thank you and well done, Claudia."

Sophie Penton

Nominated by Guidance

"Sophie's research and preparation with regards to a securing a degree in Primary Education has been outstanding. From an early careers interview in February, it was clear that she truly has the required dedication and commitment to succeed. Sophie is a lovely, warm student with oodles of the necessary stuff that will make her a wonderful primary school teacher."

Sam Tilbrook 

Nominated by Marketing, Admissions, Liaison team.

"Sam is an incredible student ambassador for the college, helping out at various events from interview evenings, open events to representing ASFC at the Tameside Careers Fair in Stalybridge, a council run event at which they commented on how professional and helpful he is. Sam was an absolute star during taster week and with all the other recruitment events, coming into college even when his lessons had finished. We are so pleased he is continuing as an ambassador during his second year…Sam is going to be truly amazing in the future. Thank you Sam."

Charlie Barnard 

Nominated by Sports Enrichment

"Charlie is captain of the first team at football. His conduct is impeccable: always present for all fixtures and never reprimanded or booked by the referee. He has always acted as a real leader and role model when the team was struggling last season. Charlie also represents the county at cricket at the highest level for his age. A real all-rounder and a very mature and impressive young man."

The occasion was a lovely celebration of all students!


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